Julie Johnson

When asked why she paints, Julie's answer is "To touch as many people as possible with my art". This is a personal mission statement she made years ago and has strived to accomplish this with every piece she creates.

Though she has no formal training, Julie has a way of taking inspiration from an image (most often her own photography) and putting it on canvas in a way that draws the viewer in a little deeper each time it is viewed.

As you can see by her works, Julie injects colour, contrast and life into each and every piece. A few smaller canvases have had their turn on Julie's easel, but her preference is to create paintings that are large yet appropriately sized to walls on which they hang. From the creative texture she applies to the canvas before painting, to the way light carries through the image itself, Julie's pieces have the effect of setting the mood and becoming the unique focal point in the rooms they are placed.

Every piece is a journey for Julie, from the original inspiration of the image through the challenges of its creation and completion. There is no greater reward for her than to see her finished paintings hang in the homes of her clients, touching people with her art.